oh hello…

November 4, 2009

hello gauche alchemists!

thought I’d say hi and let you know how freakin’ excited I am to be contributing to this awesome group of mixed media enthusiasts! I’ve been such a fan of Gauche Alchemy’s kits for awhile (can i get a woot woot for the ACME kits?!) and am so looking forward to playing with them with you all!

Um, not much to say about myself – I live in Atlanta, have two canine fur-babies, do graphic design by day and play with paint and glue and paper at night mostly in art journal form.

But, you know what REALLY excites me? When i discover new uses for what others think may be trash! And moreover when that discovery turns into something cool looking i get goosebumpies!

I use my kitchen table as my art studio. And to protect it I’ve used different things like trash bags, paper, cardboard box and most recently wax paper. Duh! I’ve used it for awhile between pages to keep them from sticking but finally connected the dots to use it underneath the painty and gluey things I make.


One piece was starting to get super painty so i was going to toss it and start fresh. I know! Sacrelig… I threw it down on something i was working on and BAM – not only could I see through it, but it looked so cool! Like kinda obscured, kinda painty without the stress of actually painting and messing up (ya, that never happens to me *eye roll*) – I think I literally squealed!

I used it on an art journal page – put some gel medium between the wax paper and journal page so it dried clear – expect to see wax paper used a whole lot more in the near future!!!!!

Happy Painting!


Hello world!

November 3, 2009

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